Duesenberg Fullerton TV Review


November 25, 2013 by tonetribune

ImagePhoto by Lisa Rocket

Retro Appeal from a Modern Classic

The Duesenberg Fullerton TV is an amalgamation of stylistic and sonic influences that span continents and decades. It provides the player with the resonance, harmonic feedback and clarity of a Gretsch, the snarl and sustain of a Les Paul and the neck scale of a Fender, in one beautifully crafted, versatile instrument. Though the Fullerton reminds us of classic offerings from the big three guitar manufacturers, but the playing experience and look of this dynamic Doozy are truly unique and outstanding.

Germanic Mechanics

The Duesenberg ethos originates from the mind and hands of Dieter Golsdorf, who started out manufacturing high quality aftermarket parts and kits for guitarists to optimize their instruments with practical and attractive upgrades. Benefiting from this practical and revolutionary heritage, the Fullerton TV comes decked out (or should we say Decoed out) with beautiful custom knobs, tuners, name plate and the peerless, Deluxe Tremola, that returns to pitch perfectly and can be adjusted to suite any player preference. Speaking of precision engineering, the pickups can adjusted to any angle or distance utilizing Duesenberg’s 3-D pickup adjustment system, which solves the age-old pickup setup dilemma associated with archtop electric guitars.

Unique Boutique Tone 

The Fullerton TV has a traditionally glued-in set neck that feels immediately comfortable and transfers string vibration perfectly for a big resonant kerrang when set to the bridge position Grand Vintage Humbucker. This wonderfully voiced, low output pickup is refreshingly clear and every string is audible even within complex chords swimming in overdrive. Back the tone off in this position and you get a vowel-like snarl akin to a half cocked wah that is a memorable, muscular lead tone. Moving to the middle position is where things get interesting. Did I switch to a telecaster? The unique wiring of the Fullerton allows you to chime and sparkle when you want to and you still retain all the big highs and lows of the hollow body. Flip to the Domino P-90 in the neck and you are rewarded with a beautiful bell-like bloom that never muddies up like most neck position archtops. The custom voiced pickups work perfectly with the spruce top, 1-piece maple neck, sustain block and maple body for a musical marriage of the harmonically highest, even order.

A Double Cut Above the Rest

If you are looking for a 6-string elegant beauty with retro vibe and modern appointments, the TV Fullerton is your girl. Duesenberg conceived this antique-white Art Deco damsel in their Fullerton, California shop (where Leo Fender built his first guitar) and it is one of the few modern instruments to be born with the mojo of a classic.

I have put the Fullerton TV through the paces for the last year with The Unruly Alliance and The Subterranean Gentlemen and she always get compliments for her stage presence and unique voice. This is no honeymoon swoon. This is a musical marriage that will put tunes in the carriage. Thank you Duesenberg for this superlative, inspirational instrument.

If you want to know more about Duesenberg’s fine instruments go to the official website. Once you have decided which model to get for yourself, get in touch with the UK’s premier Duesenberg Dealer, Guitar Galleries and order yourself a tonal treat!

ImagePhoto by Lisa Rocket

Below is a quick sound test cycling through the pickup selections both clean and overdriven….

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