Evans AE 205 Analog Echo


December 17, 2012 by tonetribune

Evans AE 205 Analog Echo

After scouring the internet and finding virtually nothing about this elusive rack delay of a bygone era, I have decided to present the digital world with one of the best sounding tape-less tone generators out there….the Evans AE 205 analog delay.

There are so many flavours to choose from in the tasty world of time shifting and I have been lucky enough to sample the rich, saturated tone of the Maestro Echoplex and Roland Space Echo, the glassy reflection of the TC 2290, the warm slap-back of the Boss DM-2, the flashing modulated clarity of the Eventide Timefactor and most of the other time bending heavyweights from then and now.

When I took apart this Japanese beast from 1980 to spray out the pots, I noticed what any vintage delay lover would want to see under the hood. Two big MN3005 delay chips staring back at me! These increasingly scarce components can be found in the greatest time-based effects of yesteryear and are revered for their warm, lively and full-bodied sound.

You could certainly describe the sound of the AE 205 as warm and lively, but with the treble and bass controls for the repeats you can achieve a clarity and body the likes of which I have not heard on any other bucket brigade device (including the famously clear Aqua Puss). You can create a gorgeous 3-D atmosphere with the repeats that will not turn to mush or chirp out like other analog units tend to do when they reach self oscillation. Like all great vintage echo units, it is not just the delay that it provides, but an amazing preamp that that can either push the front end of your amp or goose the power tubes in an effects loop. You also have input and out put gain adjustments to fit into any musical scenario.

Sometimes nothing sounds better than a big, fat vintage rack unit and this is the most full frequency tape-less analog delay that I have ever heard. If you want the fat warmth of a vintage preamp, the clarity of a digital delay and the organic feel of a tape delay without all the maintenance of magnetism, this is your huckleberry. A peerless unit.

Follow the link below for the only demo of the AE 205 on the web…..

5 thoughts on “Evans AE 205 Analog Echo

  1. Harry says:

    Have been looking for info on these myself: I have one and it’s easily the best non-tape echo I’ve ever used. In fact, I prefer it to any of my tape echoes. It also happens to be the best guitar gain boost unit I’ve ever used. An unbelievable piece.

    • tonetribune says:

      Hey Harry,

      You could not be more right about the AE-205 preamp on guitars (or anything else I put through it.)

      Upon further exploration of this device I gotta say it bests my Roland SRE-501 in both preamp and musicality of the repeats. I am intrigued to play with the echo pet if I can find one. A mate of mine here in ol’ blighty had one and said it was amazing!

  2. curtis says:

    Hi people just had to let you know I have a Evans AE 205 Analog Echoe I bought it in the 1988 it had been used on a reggae sound system I agree the sounds effects it makes are are out of this world I have a small sound system and we used it on our first gig and it rocked the place , I would like to look after this rare kit and I was wondering what you did when you say sprayed out the pots what did you use any help with info would be great thanks.

    • tonetribune says:

      Hi Curtis,

      Spraying out the pots just means cleaning/lubricating the control dials (known as potentiometers or pots for short). You don’t need to be a tech-head or electronics wiz to do this. All you need to do is gain access to the inside of the unit and spray a little bit of electronics contact cleaner into the openings of each control dial. Then you simply work the knobs back and forth from minimum to maximum sweep until you don’t hear any more scratching noise. Here is a useful little video I found on youtube to help you visualise what I am saying. Skip to the 4:00 minute mark to see straight away… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QvOepREO4k

  3. curtis says:

    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for the advice I have some trusty contact spray and will use it as you say I also use the
    Evans with my Fender Telecaster for pure orignal fun you cannot beat it so thanks again .


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