Art, Technology and Evolution


November 21, 2012 by tonetribune

Technology is rapidly evolving in a way that is catching up to biological evolution. There is always a push-pull relationship that humans share with our creations that seems to be out of our control, yet we like to think we control it completely. It is outrageously ironic that “creationism” vs. “evolution” are two polar camps that still debate about our origin when we are both creating and evolving at such a level that we can clone organic matter, create new appendages, and solve crimes using biotechnological inventions. We are indeed our own gods now and I am convinced we will make ourselves redundant, obsolete or better, because curiosity has always been our inherent prime-motive superseding even our own will to survive as we are.

It all starts with art, expression or entertainment. The will to create and share your unique vision of the world started with our imagination and trickled down through our appendages using their seemingly limited facilities to beat a rhythm, scratch a likeness into a cave wall or call out a tune. The first vehicles of expression are the mind and body alone and an individual’s style can be attributed to the endowments or limitations provided in the signal chain of environment, perception, ability and delivery.

We have now transcended our flesh vehicles and started integrating and utilising tools that can enhance, replace or inspire our perceptions and presentations as communicating humans. Every step of the way there has been resistance and a superiority complex from those who mastered previous mediums, but as long as you maintain and pursue the human elements of chaos, naivety and inspiration you can embrace all available tools digital, analogue or biological to project your own individual voice.

This boundless freedom of creation is as terrifying as it is inevitable as it pertains to our bio-mechanoid evolution (I-Brain anyone), but in the artistic sense I say bring it on.

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