Skid Stuart and Loud Bark Microphones

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October 27, 2012 by tonetribune

Musicians today are living in a renaissance period of instrument production. The industry has been turned on it’s head and suddenly anyone with a vision, drive and a computer can thrust their creations into the market place and bestow a unique product upon the public eye. This phenomenon has been concentrated on the guitar market to an extent that is now border-lined on overwhelming with cloned and improved classic circuits in DIY housing and intentionally obscured circuit boards to either protect an invention or hide plagiarism. It is enough to make you your head spin.

Outside this congested influx of innovation resides a player and a product that are as pure and primal as the call of the wild itself. The harmonica. Besides the human voice, the harp is about as individually expressive as you can hope to achieve. After all, it responds to your energy, lungs and lips. Like any acoustic instrument, there is no hiding your intentions. What you put in is what you get out. So how do you maintain these nuances in a raucous, full-on rocking band? Up until now you would employ the classic Shure Green Bullet Mic that gave you a honky midrange that would cut through the mix. Amazingly, no one really improved, elaborated or produced an alternative for this bad boy……until now.

Check out this showcase of Loud Bark Microphones with Skid Stuart of 70’s R&B legends Blast Furnace and the Heatwaves. He now rocks out with The Unruly Alliance, which you can view here,!

He dresses better than you and can eat a Harbor Bar ice cream after downing a milk shake without blinking an eye. He also has a stage swagger that can make your little sister and your mama blush together. Watch and learn.

This video was filmed at the lovely Guitar Galleries in downtown Scarborough. Shop here

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