Swart Atomic Space Tone

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September 25, 2012 by tonetribune

Swart Atomic Space Tone

This little blue-sparkle bruiser is an 18watt, 6v6 driven tone machine that I had built for me by Michael Swart back in 2007.

It has a round, articulate clean sound that slowly breaks up as you increase the volume into a velvety crunch that walks the tonal tightrope between an overpowered champ and a classic 18w Marshall.

The tremolo is a round, throbbing pulse that is simply stunning to behold. It inspired many late nights of dirgey hypno-riffing that could comatose a cobra or cause an involuntary flashback or two.

One neat trick with all of the reverb-endowed Swart circuits is to cut the master volume to zero and turn up the Space/reverb knob. You are now gonna see Rod Serling round the corner in mid-conversation explaining that your reality is “one not of time or of matter but of SPACE.” This is a darker reverb than that of a classic blackface, but equally inspiring and suits the amps voice beautifully. I used these extensively during my time in Knoxville’s favorite baroque-assed garage-bachers The Cheat. Buy the vinyl here and support one of the USA’s coolest/oldest indie labels. http://shop.krecs.com/collections/all/products/rtz001

If you want a truly unique amp that displays all the best atributes of a vintage supro, champ, 18w Marshall and even a little AC15 sparkle in a portable, beautiful package, go to Swartamps.com and check out these handmade beauties for yourself.

Here is The Cheat’s “Life of Crime” that we recorded with the Swart AST


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