MXR M117 Flanger & John Mcgeoch


September 25, 2012 by tonetribune

MXR M117 Flanger and John Mcgeoch

Everyone knows about the Van Halen connection to this classic, warm and dynamic Flanger, so let us talk about another guitar legend that influenced just as many players with the help of this wild pedal.

Enter John Mcgeoch. He was one of the most imaginative and fearless Scottish guitar players of his generation, without a hint of retrograde blues-rock in his style. His haunting ethereal tones can be heard on records by post-punk legends like Visage, Magazine and most famously Siouxsie and the Banshees. He loved the M117 so much he attached it to a stand so he could tweak it on the fly during performance and it was the only effect he used.

If you are skeptical about Flangers in general, (as most people are,) then you have not plugged in to this 18-volt gray box. Though the Flanger is known for it’s jet-plane swoosh, you can dial in beautiful, subtle, rotating-speaker effects and other warm, chewy textures as well.

To get a real dose of this classic effect being wielded by a master, listen to the 1981 album Juju by Siousxie and the Banshees and then try to tell me the flanger is best used in moderation…

2 thoughts on “MXR M117 Flanger & John Mcgeoch

  1. tonetribune says:

    Thank you Takamine,

    I am glad you enjoy these posts. I used to write and blog for a well-known London instrument shop on Denmark Street, but this is my own venture. Keep Reading and I will keep writing!

    In Excelsior,

  2. One thing… McGeoch is Scottish. Scottish definitely not English! Cheers for the piece though, desperately trying to figure out how he got that bubbling sound at the start of “Permafrost” on “Secondhand Daylight” by Magazine!

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