Moog Voyager

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September 25, 2012 by tonetribune

Moog Voyager

In the days of midi controllers and DAW’s where you have emulations of classic sounds spoon-fed to you we often forget that these programs used to be actual instruments that you interacted with directly using knobs, sliders and your fingers.

For those of you who have played a vintage analogue synth, you know that it is really hard to replace that certain magic of interacting with an actual unit that was designed to be physically controlled by the user. You feel as though you are the captain of a sonic spaceship that interacts directly with your body as you turn the knobs, tweak the sliders and hear the wonderful sound of electricity flowing through the different tributaries of the circuits.

The downside to these wonderful instruments is the sheer complexity of manufacture and engineering insuring that you had to practically re-mortgage your home to by one and they could be quite fragile with all those components being constantly twisted and adjusted.

That was then, this is now….

Enter the Moog Voyager. Captains blog, star-date 25/09/2012…

I have been captaining this sonic spaceship for many years now and I go where no man has gone before every time I take the helm. Every time you take a voyage it is a unique experience. From percussive touch-screen taps to fat LFO undulations you probe the outer limits of sonic boundaries and leave your body behind.

This is the pinnacle of analogue synthesis and one of the last visions of the late Bob Moog himself. He lives on in spiritual sonority and continues to electrify eardrums with his tantalizing timbres.

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